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ALL ACCESS DVD MAGAZINE #17 - Jay-Z: The Life & Times of Sean Carter

One of the legendary pioneers in the street DVD game is back for the first time since last year and
he's ready to make 2008 another banner year for ALL ACCESS aka. "The DVD Magazine." The last
time All Access' founder/creator Kraze dropped his DVD on you, he hit you with #15 and #16 at the
same time. Many MixUnit customers will remember that #16 was one of our all-time best-selling
DVDs, of course featuring none other than the lovely CoCo on the cover.

This time around, you'll find Jay-Z on the cover as ALL ACCESS pays special tribute to Hova with a
special segment on the DVD called "The Life & Times of Sean Carter." Taking you back through
the legendary career of the hip-hop American Gangster, All Access brings you exclusive footage
dating back to his days with Dame Dash at Roc-A-Fella.

Headlining the rest of the DVD's features, All Access brings you exclusive installments with the
Gunshine kids PLIES & FLO RIDA, BET's American Gangster (and at one time one of the most
feared bank robbers in America) Chaz "Slim" Williams, porn star Roxy Reynolds and much more.

Joining in for our All Access/American Gangster Edition. No other than Forbes hot number one
JAY-Z. In this short form Documentary you will get a chance to follow his career from the early 90's
all break down the jigga man in their own unique way to say the least!! Ya dig, we give you some of
the rarest interviews, pictures, performances and backstage footage that has yet to surface. This
special segment filled with narration will give you a true-look at America's Favorite Rapper.
Plies: Just when you thought it was safe, Plies comes kills the game putting Florida on the Hip
hops most watched list. Plies discuss the true meaning of being a real Gangster and Reps his
Street Credibility Hard Body!!

FLO- RIDA: We hang out with Flo-rida in the club in Orlando fl. watching the ladies drop those Apple
Bottom Jeans. With this rare backstage footage and Interview, he breaks the silence on his secret
to his new found success.

Soulja Boy: We get a chance to catch a rare backstage performance of Soulja Boy Cranking and
super soaking them Hoes!!

Porn Star Roxy Reynolds: Porn�s most Gangster Bitch - Roxxy gives us an Exclusive supahead
interview. Double R gives us the most shocking sexual Interview ever. Also her infamous ORAL
FIXATION scene for the grown & sexy only.

Chaz Williams: noted as America's Most Prolific Bank Robber talks about his life of crime & Millions
of Dollars, cashing in on black Hollywood as of late, and his thoughts on Frank Lucas, Nicky
Barnes, Rayful Edmonds and Denzel Washington. A real Gangsters Story!

Behind the Ozone Awards: The South is running things as they say, and how they show it, is at the
annual Ozone Awards. From all the Southern superstars like Young Jeezy, Dj Drama, Slim thug,
Hurricane Chris, Plies, Flor-rida, T-pain, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Fox, Michael "5000" Watts and more.
We give you a true glimpse of Exclusive and Backstage for real.

ALSO Inside: The Industry's "10 Most Gangster" artists -- Find out who is crowned #1!!
Also appearing: Flo-Rida, Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Idris Elba, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Lupe Fiasco,
50 Cent, Pimp C, Jarule, Flo-rida, Trina,

Too many superstars to name… All Exclusive, All Access!!


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